Death Without Consent (1970)

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Death Without Consent
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Watch Streaming Death Without Consent (1970) : Summary Movies Chris Carrington looses his father to hereditary kidney disease. He is painfully aware he may die from it as well. While dealing with the agony of his loss, Chris is unexpectedly contacted by a mysterious Russian immigrant who tells him his father did not die from natural causes. That his father was an unwitting victim of human experiments in the development of biological weapons. Pursuing the truth behind this strange revelation, Chris learns of Dr. Gurevich, the scientist who created these viruses. He meets Gurevich's beautiful daughter Anna, whose innocence, charm and intelligence ultimately become his greatest obstacle. Unable to contact his Russian informant, unable to decipher Russian documents, unwilling to use Gurevich's daughter as a pawn, Chris struggles to fight symptoms of his own disease, caught between the ticking clock of his own illness and the consuming desire for truth.

Release Date:Jan 01, 1970
Genres:, , ,
Production Company:Diamond Films LLC
Production Countries:
Casts:Chad Doreck, Sonya Vaswani, Nina Merchant, Pawel Szajda, Michael Gabel, Ralph Cosham, William L. Thomas, Ryan Sands
Plot Keywords:government, conspiracy, crisis of faith, wmd, germ warfare, bio terrorism

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