House with a Good View 2 (2015)

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House with a Good View 2
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Watch Streaming House with a Good View 2 (2015) : Online Full Movie The marriage of Yin Nan and Mei Ai has lasted for eight years. The passion and romance at the beginning have already been exhausted by the world. Yin Nan has nothing to do at home all day, waiting for the beauty to make money and come back to raise him. This makes Mei Ai feel very angry. The dual pressures of work and life have made Meiai start to look for excitement in other men. By going to bed with a strange man, Mei love seems to be able to vent a little dissatisfaction with the world. Over time, this has become her habit. Next to Yin Nan’s family, a beautiful woman named Yi Yin was moved. Yi Yin discovered that her boyfriend, who had been with her for many years, actually stole himself and succumbed to his life. By chance, Yin Nan and Yi Yin met, and the two lonely hearts quickly approached. Mei Ai found that Yin Nan’s attitude towards himself was a lot colder, and he began to want to study the reasons behind it.

Release Date:May 27, 2015
Production Company:
Production Countries:South Korea
Casts:Park Ha-yan, Kim Soo-ah, Min Hyeok
Plot Keywords:erotic movie

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