Top Gear: Cars with Soul (2011)

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Top Gear: Cars with Soul
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Top Gear: Cars with Soul (2011) : Full Movie Online Some cars have a million horsepower, others have twinkly lights and big shiny wheels. But a rare few have something else; soul. It's found in funny places. In the crack of a rusty sill. Down the back of a torn seat next to an old Smartie. And if you're really lucky, it's found in a screaming V12 or perched on a ludicrous wing, or in the rooftop hinge of a gullwing door. These are the cars that make us happy, mad, insane and inevitably very poor. And no matter how much sense is drilled into our daft little heads, we'll continue to love then. So put your feet up, play this DVD and enjoy some of our favourites. It's a celebration of soul.

Release Date:Jan 04, 2011
Production Company:BBC
Production Countries:
Casts:Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, James May
Plot Keywords:car

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